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The Mercury Mail Transport System is a free Mail Server. Mercury32 is written as a Win32 application and don't have ability to run as native Windows NT service.
To overcome this shortage I have written small piece of code which encapsulate Mercury32 and runs it as service. You can use your favorite service manager to start or stop Mercury and service is still running at background even when nobody is logged on local console. Service can be paused (for example via: 'net pause Mercury32') and this will pause Mercury Core Process like using Pause check box in Mercury console.
For easy switching between console and service modes  I have this control applet which displays state of console and service as well..

Installation: Unpack content of archive to the same directory where you have already installed Mercury32. M32SRV.EXE is service itself. Run M32SRV.EXE with /install or /uninstall parameter. Create shortcut to the MCONTROL.EXE and that's all you need.
Tested with Mercury32 v3.30, v3.31, v3.32 and Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000.